Golf Strategies You Need to Know

When we watch players playing golf on our television, we are watching the very best players in the world. One can learn how to play the beautiful game by watching them. However, their exceptional skills are due to continued practice and training. If you are a beginner and you want to improve your skills, here are essential golf strategies you need to know.


How to Drive a Golf Ball

The essential thing about driving a golf ball is the golf swing. Here is what you should do; one, ensure that when hitting the ball, the half of the golf ball is above the club’s top. Secondly, it is essential to ensure that the ball is positioned on the same line with the left side heel. To perform this, place your feet in the same place and ensure that the ball is between your feet and then take a right side step. Thirdly, move your body away from the target. Then perform a backswing and ensure that you move about eighty percent of your mass weight to the right-hand side. Lastly, make the swing guaranteeing that you have a stable rhythm all through. The hit should also be nice and still all through the shot.


How to Chip a Golf Ball


Chipping a golf ball depends on how high a golfer wants to hit the shot. One requires anything between sixteen-degree wedge and nine-nine. The initial step is to position the ball appropriately. It should be placed on the opposite side of the left heel. Ensure start is relatively narrow and the club face is set in the direction of the target. The foot should also lay square facing the direction of the target. The next step is to break the wrists instantly in the backswing. Then, fast-track your hands into impact ensuring that the hand leaves the clubhead all the time.


Place your arm and club in an excellent straight line. The club should not pass your hands at any time. Generally, take the club back to a height of about 25 degrees and then swing through about seventy-five degrees. Ensure that you accelerate aggressively onto the ball in the shortest time possible. Finally, make sure that the club smashes the golf ball before the ground.


How to Putt


Here is how a golfer can putt making sure that the shots will definitely fall into the hole when a stroke is initiated. The first step is to move your body behind the ball. Then check the slope of the lawn, whether the slope is right, left, slightly up or down. Make a proper judgment based on this slope. The next step is to make little stroke practices on the ball to see how hard you require to hit a putt.


Carry with you the judgment you made previously, then align your club face and feet to the point you decided on beforehand. Finally, perform a careful smooth stroke while trusting the judgments you made previously in both pace and line. If successful with the putt, remove the ball from the hole.


The above is just a small compilation of techniques you need to master if you want to be a skilled golfer. There are several other strategies you can learn on the internet. On our next article, we will talk about after care for our skin after long hours under the sun. You’ll get to know more about the best natural skin exfoliator for body.